Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Month Follow-Up

I have just returned from my two month follow-up appointment with the surgeon. I heaved a very large sigh of relief when he said that everything is healing well. Recovery looks to be right on schedule. I am now allowed to start puting some weight on my foot as long as I wear my orthopedic boot. He expects me to be able to be completely weight-bearing by the time I see him again in a month. I was quite happy when he gave me permission to take this hot, uncomfortable boot off when I go to bed. I am greatly looking forward to a comfortable night's sleep.

I feel like I can see a light at the end of this long tunnel of recovery. I will be able to walk again.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


After a week of fighting boredom and cabin fever I was really looking forward to going to church this morning. My expectations were well met. The singing was uplifting and the sermon left me feeling hopeful. The gloom and doom of the news combined with the cabin fever that has attacked me had left me feeling pretty down this week. Today I was reminded of all the good things going on in the world and in my life. After the service I enjoyed a cup of coffee while visiting with many friends. Six year old Abigail told that she really was the smartest girl in first grade. Five year old Grace let me look in her kaleidoscope because it is always pretty in there. How can you not be happy when Grace lets you look in her kaleidoscope? I came home counting my blessings,

What is something good going on in your world?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Moment of Panic

This morning I was sitting in the chair where I spend most of my life these days just chatting with my husband and our daughter. As we talked I glanced down at my hands and felt a moment of surprised panic. The diamond was missing from my engagement ring. How could that be? That diamond has been sitting in that ring on my hand for over fifty years. It is always there. My husband and daughter both jumped up and looked at my hand. I was not hallucinating. The ring was still on my finger, but the diamond was not in the ring. I jumped up as fast as a one legged woman who can't walk could stand up and wheeled myself and my scooter to the couch so the chair could be closely investigated. My daughter slowly removed each pillow and cushion. She turned the chair upside down and look in all the crevasses. She found lots of dust, but no diamond. My husband took the blankets off the bed and looked closely for my diamond. No shiny diamond in our bed. I was trying hard not to cry. Suddenly there was loud, “Eureka! I found it.” Somehow it had fallen into the trash can in the bathroom. It sat there shiny and bright under the collection of trash. I felt such sweet relief. It can be reset and fixed as good as new. My hand just feels naked without my diamond.

That which was lost has been found.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor

With all the upsetting news recently about people behaving badly in the name of Christianity, I found this story to be very hopeful.

The Heartsong Methodist church near Memphis Tennessee recently learned that the property next door to their building had been purchased by the Memphis Islamic Center. A mosque and Islamic Center was to be built there. Instead of reacting with fear this church responded with Christian love and hospitality. Following the command to love their neighbors they put up a large sign that said the Heartsong Church welcomed the Islamic center to the neighborhood. They hosted their new neighbors for dinner. During Ramadan they invited their new neighbors to use their building for evening prayers while the Islamic center was under construction. They are cooperating in programs to help needy children in the neighborhood.

I think I would enjoy worshiping with my fellow Christians at the Heartsong church. It makes me smile to know that there are people who still believe that God really is love.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

River of Life Park

I used to love doing yoga. It was a wonderful way to stretch my muscles and relax my body and soul. I quit the classes when my joint pain worsened and many of the poses became too difficult for me. I have continued to do some of the poses to stretch my muscles and quiet my mind. My favorite pose was always the one that was the last pose of the class – relaxation pose. I would stretch out on my my back and just try to relax my whole body. That is easier said than done. Frequently our teacher would guide us through a visual imagery. Think of a place that is quiet and beautiful. Try to feel yourself there just relaxing.

One of the things that I have found helpful during this long recovery period is practicing the relaxation pose and visualizing a place of pain free peace. It has gotten so that I look forward to taking myself to this perfect place as I escape the pain and frustration of recovery. I am getting better each day and I think part of that is due to my daily escape to what I have called the River of Life Park. Let me tell you about my wonderful world of imagination.

In the Bible's book of Revelations the River of Life is said to flow from the throne of God right through the golden streets of heaven. The Tree of Life, with it's healing fruit grows along it's banks. In my imagination as this river flows outward from God's throne it goes through a wonderful heavenly park. The banks are covered with green grass and shaded by the Tree of Life. I swim in the river and feel it's healing power. I come back to the tables and chairs scattered along the bank and sit down next to my mother. We laugh and talk and feel the joy of being together. We look out to the river where my dad is fishing. I'm sure heaven's river is good for fishing. My children and grandchildren are all around us, playing and laughing. My beloved is counting the birds nesting in the tree of life. The sound of God's heavenly choir is carried by soft, warm breezes. There are tables filled with all the things we love to eat, bananas for mom, blackberry cobbler for my dad, My crazy, loving Aunt Rubye is there serving the children orange juice from Doctor Pepper bottles. In a rocking chair nearby my grandmother is rocking her babies who died shortly after birth. There is no pain here. There are no tears. Love permeates everything.

For now my excursions to River of Life Park are a brief respite from the long journey to recovery. Someday I plan to live there forever.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Since my surgery it seems like time as just been just barely moving by. I wonder how I can survive the remaining long, slow two months of my convalescence. Then something comes along and reminds me that time is moving by at incredibly fast speeds.

It seems like just yesterday that my second daughter gave birth to her much wanted first baby. I remember each moment that day so clearly. After a very long labor, suddenly she was here, our perfect baby girl, our Sofie. Today Sofie is seventeen years old. She is a beautiful, happy high school senior. Being Sofie's gramma is one my greatest blessings.

Happy birthday Sofie. I love you.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Labor Day

Considering I am still an invalid,we had as good a Labor Day weekend as possible .

Saturday my friend Evelyn came over for Chinese carry-out and some good conversation. We had not seen each other all summer and I was way behind on the gossip from her side of the world. A few tidbits of juicy gossip always makes for some fun conversation.

Sunday I was finally able to get to church. It felt so good to be back. I was hugged and grandly welcome by so many friends. I was on the edge of tears all morning because of my barely controlled emotions. One of the hymns of the morning was, “Have Thine Own Way, Lord.” My mother used to rock me to sleep while singing this hymn. I always feel my heartstrings pull when I hear it, especially when it is the sweet acapella version we sang Sunday.

Monday we ventured over to our daughter's house for an end of summer cook out. I really wanted to go, but spent some time trying to figure out how to negotiate her porch steps safely. I finally sat on them and skooched up on my behind. It was pretty undignified, but I got up and down the steps without falling. By the time this foot heals I should have some strong arms. The delicious kabobs and fine company made it well worth the effort.

Tomorrow we are going back to the doctor's office in Baltimore. This orthopedic boot is driving me crazy. It is so uncomfortable. I took it and the dressing off today for my shower and noticed the skin is red and raw on my ankle and heel. I sure don't want to develop any pressure sores on that foot. I think I need a different style boot. Hopefully a solution will be found.

That's all the news for now from the healing room.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Good Day

Today was a good day.

I went to rehearsal with the senior chorale. It felt so good to be out of the house, with a room full of friends practicing notes and rhythms for the holiday program. It was good to feel normal for a little while. My sweet husband took me in in the wheelchair. I was only able to stay for about an hour, but it was a good beginning.

Son number two is here tonight. It was nice to have him here for dinner. He is having a minor medical procedure at o'dark-thirty in the morning. He needs a ride to and from the hospital, so he is sleeping over so his dad can drive him tomorrow

Today is my newest granddaughter's sixteenth birthday. Happy birthday Courtney. I'm so glad to have you in our family.

My husband got a bunch of new left-handed dice (don't ask) to add to his collection. He is very happy about this new addition to his collection. He is easily entertained.

In only eight more weeks I will be able to take off this orthopedic boot and start physical therapy.

Life is good.