Monday, May 06, 2013


Yesterday my brother-in-law Jimmy died. He was the second of three brothers in my husbands family. It is hard to comprehend that he is gone.

The three Evans boys assigned themselves roles to play in the family. Big brother Denny was the family scholar. Little brother Bobby was the family athlete. Middle brother Jimmy was the popular one, the boy who was student body president. He was funny. He told wonderful stories. He made people happy because he really did care about them. Everybody loved Jimmy.

When I started dating Dennis, Jimmy was dating Marci. They managed to beat us to the alter by six months. They were married 52 years in January. They raised two boys and were in the middle of helping to raise their grandson.

Time and distance meant we did not see each often, but I will miss this good man. Rest in peace Jim Evans.
(The picture is Jimmy & Dennis at Dennis'a 70th birthday.)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Shower

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for two sisters who are both expecting their first babies this summer. I've known these girls since before they were born. They fill a big corner of my heart.

The party was wonderful. The walls seemed to stretch as my house filled with the laughter of old friends who had been apart for too long. I wanted to say a prayer to bless these girls and their babies. As I started to pray my heart filled to overflowing with memories and tears started to fall. It's funny how tears can mark our moments of great joy. Love is a funny thing.

God bless you Debbie and Sarah. May these sweet babies fill your lives with a joy that fills your lives with love.
A happy mom with her four daughters and one granddaughter.