Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Did That Happen

Not too long ago my daughter came to tell us the very exciting news that she was pregnant. This baby was much wanted and the answer to many prayers. My third granddaughter was beautiful and perfect in every way. She has filled our world with joy.

I can't quite figure out this beautiful baby girl grew up so fast. I blinked my eyes and she became a young woman. Today she is on her way to Ohio to start her freshman year at Kent State University. It is a day filled with many emotions as she begins this new phase on her journey though life.

We love you Sofie. You fill us up with pride.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Amazing Son

I was sitting on my porch reading this afternoon when I noticed a good-looking young man walking up my driveway. It took a minute to realize that this was actually my younger son. Paul has been working hard over the past year to loose weight and get healthier. I have been very proud of his efforts, but today he looked so healthy, happy, and confident that I hardly recognized him. He is a school teacher and he had bought new clothes for the start of the school year that show off his slimmer body. He was stopping by to tell me about the first day of school. When he walked into the first meeting of this new school year after not seeing any of co-workers this summer, he said everyone stopped talking and just starred at him. Then they all stood up and started cheering for him . It was really a feel good moment. A loss of 120 pounds does make a man look better. I think his accomplishment is amazing.