Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seasons of Love

One of my favorite songs is from the musical Rent. “Seasons of Love” keeps repeating a phrase about the 525, 600 minutes that make up a year. Then it asks how do you a measure a year, and answers “In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee; In inches in laughter, In strife. Measure in love.” In others words it is our many everyday moments that add up to make a year.

Next month will be my birthday and I thought I would honor that day by remembering some of the 525,600 minutes multiplied by my almost seventy years that have my made up my life. I'll try to share some of the ordinary moments that have made me who I am today.

This is one of my earliest memories.

I woke up in the dim light of my room. Pulling myself up on the side of my crib I look around at the familiar objects. Turning my head to the right I see the closed door. I know my mother is on the other side of that door. I turn my head to the left. In front of the window there is a rocking chair with a pink and blue blanket draped across it's back. I am aware of the sound of the mourning doves. The birds sound so sad and lonely. I wonder why they are so sad, and suddenly I need my mother. I call for her and she comes and lifts me out of my bed. We sit together in the chair rocking slowly back and forth. My mother's lap is warm and safe.

There are days now when my life is sad and difficult. On those days I remember that warm safe place in my mother's arms and long for that place of peace again.

Monday, April 18, 2011


My son called and asked if could help him shop for some new clothes today. Without any hesitation I agreed to his request. I knew this would be a fun shopping expedition.

I'm not quite sure what Paul's “Come to Jesus” moment was, but about a year ago he woke up one day and decided it was time to get serious about taking off the pounds he had packed on over the years. He joined a weight loss program with strict diet and a support group. He went the nutritionist and this time he really listened to the advice. He started exercising. He has slipped off the wagon a few times, but always just started back on his plan. He weighed 397 pounds last year. This morning he weighed 309 pounds. He has lost ten inches from his waist and his clothes were falling off of him.

Today he bought 2 pair of pants and four shirts. He is looking quite happy and handsome.

I am so very proud of him.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Today was a lovely day.

This morning we went to Baltimore's Mercy Hospital to see the foot surgeon. I told him I was much better, but still not as good as I had hoped to be. After looking at X rays he said my foot had healed beautifully. He seemed quite happy with his handwork. He told me that I should continue to improve over the next six months and that there were no restrictions on my activity. There was no reason to return to see him and he discharged me.

Being officially discharged seemed like a good reason to celebrate so we went to the Inner Harbor. The parade of people passing by as we ate lunch was quite entertaining. I love people watching. Office workers walked alongside of tourists, sailors, young lovers, teenagers with baggy pants and young families. They were all out enjoying the sunshine and entertaining me.

To reward my husband for his months of tending to my needs I suggested that we visit the Maryland Science Center. He happily agreed to this suggestion. This man of mine absolutely loves science fair experiments, and this place is three stories crammed full of science fair experiments. Most of the school children were leaving when we arrived so it was not crowded. He got to push buttons, pull pulleys, crank handles and play science games all afternoon. He was in his own personal amusement park. It was wonderful to see him having so much fun.

Today was a lovely day.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


We had a wonderful time on our short trip to my very favorite beach. We arrived at Rehoboth about noon on Monday. The weather was spectacular, with blue sky and the temperature at 80 degrees. We ate outside on the balcony of the Green Turtle, enjoying the sunshine and the view of the beach. After lunch we joined the other cute elderly couples, holding hands while strolling on the boardwalk. Most of the shops were still closed for the season, but the candy stores were open selling salt water taffy and chocolate Easter bunnies. The Kohrs custard shop was open and we enjoyed an orange-vanilla twist cone, the flavor of the beach. We checked into our room at the Avenue Inn, luxury at off-season rates is a lovely thing. After a bit of a rest we drove over to Gordon's Pond, a wetland by another of our favorite places, Whiskey Beach. Walking along the trail we felt like we were very far from the rest of the world. The only sound was the wind, the birds, and the sound of the surf.

Tuesday we woke up to wind and rain. We spent the morning enjoying the warmth of our fireplace and a swim in the indoor pool. After lunch I had a massage. I think there must be a spa in heaven that gives heavenly messages all the time. Later in the afternoon we did a bit of shopping at the outlets.

Wednesday was sunny, but cool. We walked down to the beach and soaked up a final bit vacation time and headed home. It is always good to come home with a heart full of warm memories.

Friday, April 01, 2011


It has been almost eight months since my foot surgery last summer. There have been times when I thought I would never recover, but on this first day of April I can say that I now believe I will indeed recover.

Two months ago I limped into the physical therapy office leaning on a cane. Yesterday I was discharged from therapy and walked out without assistance. I have not completely achieved my goal of walking a mile, but I can walk a third of a mile. I am not yet without pain, but I no longer need pain medicine. I can't yet stand on just my left foot, but I can stand on my own two feet. The rest of my recovery will just take time and persistence. Last week I returned my wheelchair and donated my wonderful knee scooter to the Lions Club.

Next week we are going to the beach to find out how far I can walk on the boardwalk. Life is looking good here.