Wednesday, August 01, 2012


            We have just returned from another magical week at Disney World. This time we were accompanied by our fourteen year old granddaughter and her best friend. We did all the usual Disney things. We rode the rides, saw the shows, got autographs from funny characters, and did a lot of giggling. We came home with another bunch of happy memories.
            I first went to Disneyland in California in 1955, shortly after the park opened. I was fourteen years old. Admission was $1. That just got you into the park. You had to buy a coupon book to go on the rides. There were no big thrill rides. I think the Jungle Boats were the scariest ride there, but it was a place of such amazing fun. I fell under the spell of Disney’s magic and went back more times than I can count.
             We got engaged at Disneyland while flying over London town on the Peter Pan ride. It was an evening full of sparkling romance.  We took our four small children there and watched them fall under its spell of magic.
            We moved to the east coast and did not return to Disneyland for many years. When our youngest son graduated from high school we took him and his older brother to Florida’s Disney World. Along with our teenage boys we once again fell under the spell of Disney’s magic. We began making the trip to Florida on a regular basis. Ten years ago we had a wonderful family reunion there with all of our children and grandchildren. It is such fun to see another generation discover the wonderful world of Disney. We have taken each of our grandkids when they were young teens. We have gone with just the two of us. We never seem to grow tired of the place. Our oldest granddaughter worked there for a year after she graduated from college. She wins the prize for loving Disney best..
            This trip we did something we had never done before. My husband and I each rented an ECV (electronic convenience vehicle) and rode as we went through the parks. I felt like a little old lady riding my scooter, but my feet didn’t hurt and I sure did enjoy the day more. It has been more than fifty years since I first went to Disneyland. I think it is OK to admit I am ready to ride from now on.
            We look forward to our next adventure in Disney World.