Tuesday, February 16, 2016

So much thankfulness

25.  Justin and Mikaela. It is good to have friends who will shovel the snow from our driveway.
26.  Our heated mattress pad. I love crawling into our toasty warm bed.
27.  The soothing tick-tock of the coo-coo clock.
28.  My nieces Julie and Jeanne who are helping Bill.
29.  Clothes warm from the dryer.
30.  The sound of the snow plow clearing our street.
31.  Chatting with my son on the telephone.
32.  Not breaking any bones when I fall
33.  Gary the night time snow shoveler
34.  Airplanes.
35. California sunshine
36. Blueberry pie with my brother.
37. Flowers that make me feel loved.
38. The Js loving Bill.
39. Bill’s little church family.
40. Laughter with my family.
41. Cemeteries. Holy ground.
42.  Lexie and Mik’s apartment. A safe place to relax.
43.  Finding a parking spot in California.
44.  Memories of growing up with love.
45.  Flowers on mom and dad’s graves.
46.  Home sweet home after a long, emotional journey.
47.  Daiquan’s gratefulness and hugs
48.  Family dinner with Ashley and Daiquan. That nice, warm, family feeling.
49.  Faith. In life and in death I belong to God.
50.  Warm chocolate chip cookies.
51.  My crock pot.
52.  Sharing dinner with friends.
53.  A good car heater.
February 16,2016
54.  Ann and Dennis’s birthday today
            How do I describe the love I feel for these two people. Words are just inadequate.
 Dennis is my rock, my safe refuge, my lover, my best friend. I cannot imagine a life without him. I yell at him and fuss at him and get madder at him than any other person in the world because I know he will love me anyway. It is safe to share my frustrations and anger with him. He has to be the most patient person God ever created. I am eternally grateful to be the wife of this good man.
Ann is my flower child. She fills my life with wonder and joy. Since she was born she has been full of questions of why, questions I could not always answer. She has made me think and ponder about things I never even thought to question. She inspires me. She has a gift with words and tells wonderful stories. Ann blesses this world and makes it a better place.
Happy birthday!


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